The best weapon against cybercrime is education

The best weapon against cybercrime is education

Cybercrime is growing at an alarming rate throughout the world. Despite determined efforts by businesses to lock down their perimeter security with firewalls and ensure end user protection with the very best in anti-virus and malware protection, there are still unwanted intrusions into their networks.

There are many methods used by hackers to enter a network but the most common is what we'll call an "uninvited invitation"; courtesy of your employees. It would be a very rare occurrence for an employee to knowingly invite a hacker into your network, probably never happen. That means your employee is unknowingly clicking on a web page or opening an email that contains malware, thereby compromising the integrity of your network.

We've seen examples of this type of network infiltration time and again on the news and in our daily lives. It may be in the form of a phishing scheme to obtain bank account information or via a ransomware attack where an employee clicks on a file and their data becomes encrypted. Fortunately, through state of the art backup systems we've been able to work around the ransomware problem. But, if the past is a window into the future, we will see advanced ransomware infections that may include data backups. This is a continual game of cat and mouse or virus and anti-virus.

So the question is - what can you do about it?

In a word, the answer is "Education". Employees need to gain insight into the types of tricks that hackers use to lure them into making the wrong decision. The education needs to be current, well informed, repetitive and cost-effective. Arming employees with the right tools will go a long way to ensuring the security of your network. Just let us know that you are ready to educate (and dare I say entertain) your employees and we'll provide a 2017 solution that can't be beat!