Cybersecurity Awareness Training

PCR’s cybersecurity expertise extends beyond technology to include education that “immunizes” employees from social engineering schemes.

Small- and mid-sized business owners don’t always have the advanced technological resources required to ensure robust, 100% reliable, and fully compliant network and data security. That’s why vigilance on the part of their employees is so important.

So if you want your users to know good from bad when it comes to securing company assets and minimizing the damage that spam emails and phishing attacks can have on your business, you should emphasize awareness and implement an informative training program.

Food for thought: Your company’s cybersecurity apparatus -- which includes both IT and personnel -- has to win every time; hackers only need to win once.

How will Personal Computer Resources help your users steer clear of social engineering attacks? Here’s a look at some of the key elements of our Cybersecurity Awareness Training program:

  • Identification of the percentage of users who open malicious emails
  • Comprehensive training that clearly identifies your weaknesses
  • Thorough understanding of your adversaries and their methods
  • Coordination of training material and simulated “live” phishing attacks
  • Complementary online instruction and Cybersecurity Knowledge Base
  • Targeted improvement plans and best practices for all departments
  • Management reports and company-wide alerts when new threats arise

Your best defense against potentially devastating phishing attacks combines proactive systems monitoring with ongoing employee training. Call us today!

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