Windows-to-Mac data transfer with Mojave Migration Assistant

Purchased a Mac? You’re probably excited to use this new and elegant machine. But your important documents, pictures, and other files are in your well-loved old Windows PC. Thankfully, Apple has made cross-platform transfer of your data simple with the macOS Mojave Migration Assistant. Just follow these steps to gather and move data from your […]

Migrating your data from Windows to Mac

There are now more Macs than ever being used around the planet, thanks in part to the constant improvements to macOS that make it more powerful and less difficult to use. Moving data from a Windows PC to a Mac is now easier with the latest update to the Migration Assistant in macOS Mojave. In […]

Avoid the pain – manage your passwords

We’ve all heard that we should change our passwords on a regular basis and we should not use the same password for multiple accounts – but why?

Here is a good, real-life example that occurred recently (the name is changed to protect the guilty).

Jack thought that using multiple passwords was too bothersome, he had better things to do than try to figure out what password to use.

Urgent Warning – Cryptolocker Infection Running Wild

There is a new virus running rampant that is causing significant issues with data files.  The Cryptolocker virus is “ransomware” – it encrypts files and tries to get people to pay $300.00 to have the files decrypted.

Here’s how the infection has been known to work, but variations are likely:

An email is received from a known company such as FedEx, UPS or the like and it contains an attachment that, if opened, will infect.