Todd Copeland

As we recently designed and built the new multi-million dollar Copeland Toyota/Scion facility, we expected many challenges. When dealing with a project of this size and scope, there was bound to be almost constant chaos.

There was one aspect of the project, however, that went almost perfectly seamless. The design and installation of our new server-based Windows networking environment was completed professionally and efficiently by the team at PCR.

Mark Dolan and the team of System Engineers at PCR deployed two Microsoft Windows servers and over 40 new desktop systems on time, and on budget. In addition, their security recommendations regarding firewall protection, User Group Policies, antivirus software, and a network level web blocking strategy have given the Copeland management team an invaluable feeling: peace of mind.

Thanks again to the team at PCR for producing outstanding results.

Todd Copeland
Copeland Toyota/Scion